Finance Apps

We understand how technology has become a prime agent in all the different financial industry segments. Knowing the criticality, we develop Fintech solutions which are 100% secure and easy to use.

Our fintech applications
development efforts solve all
the challenges of the finance

We give a mobile solution to all the pestering Fintech industry issues. We make the Finance domain glitches and issues free.

Be it the high instances of security breaches or lack of regulations in the modern day finance apps or even the issue of scalability of migrating all the consumer data from a traditional ecosystem to a modern architecture, we are the Fintech App Development Company that has a solution for everything.

We work around features that make your app synonyms to finance management

The features we incorporate into our Fintech web and mobile app development services are chosen to make your Fintech application a Go-To Application.
Multiple account management
Multiple authentication system
Cross-platform functionality
Calculators for loan and tax
Automated payments
Payment gateway integration
Custom reporting
Data analytics
Customer data management
Robust, scalable, and secure
Regulations compliant

Our suite of fintech app
development solutions

Our banking app development solutions for startups make brands synonymous to the finance industry.
Insurance apps

We are the Fintech app development agency that helps the insurance companies create a multipurpose app aimed at providing an elevated experience through multiplatform, intuitive mobility solution for agents, customers, partners, and employees on the move.

Investment apps

Our investment apps let end users gather their portfolio values, the summary of holdings, insights into their investments etc. which enable the investors make calculated investments.

Accounting apps

The accounting mobility solutions that we offer do a lot more than managing the day-to-day financial transactions. They manage a number of financial information such as immovable assets, liabilities, and cash assets.

Banking apps

Our Fintech Applications Development solutions work for both retail and corporate banks across the globe. Banks get a lot more than a banking app when they invest in us. They get a hack-proof environment, performance based microservice architecture, and a product which results from user driven lean methodology.

Digital wallet apps

Our digital wallet apps are used by millions of users worldwide to transfer money to individuals and banks from within the application through Cards, Mobile Number, QR Codes, and NFC.

POS solution

Our team of Financial app developers excel in the development of a POS Solution for retail store chains and everyday mom and pop shops to accept payments from their walk-in customers.

Crypto-centric apps

We have a team of Blockchain experts who specialize in the development of crypto wallet apps and cryptocurrency exchange apps.

Our team of financial app
developers specialize in
technologies that make your
fintech offering next-gen

Appinventiv Team is not just made of Banking app developers but also technologists who are adept with technologies of today and the future.
POS systems
Cloud services

We Follow a Rigorous Compliance Check Centric Approach when Invested in Fintech Applications Development.

We are the fintech app development company who knows the art of
delivering quality while following strict industry compliances -
  • 1.OFAC
  • 2.FinCEN
  • 3.SEC
  • 5.FCA
  • 7.FTC
  • 8.CFPB
  • 9.PSD2
We helped NCR power the technology that helped retail stores to thrive across the globe
We are trusted by brands you believe in
Recognized by the best

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