We prepare your app to serve the 500+ million users who actively consume content on mobile.

We take the benefits of newspaper application development beyond easy accessibility

Our team of designers and newspaper application developers are known to create apps that the publishing industry and the mobile readers love to spend their time on. We prepare your app for the paradigm shift that the news industry is facing - Transformation from TV and Newspaper to Mobile.

The benefits that our Newspaper Application Development approach offers are above and beyond what a regular app offers. Our efforts result in: Increased Engagement Rate, Greater Social Media Promotion, and Higher Reader Retention.

It is Your Turn to Take the Advantages of magazine & Newspaper App Development Solutions.

Appinventiv powered features that are loved by content publishers and readers

Adding innovative functionalities is a very important part of our newspaper and magazine app development services.
Heavy personalization

Our news and magazine apps come packaged with a number of personalization features that make it extremely easy for the readers to customize their news feed according to their location preference and categories.

Social media integration

We enable your readers to share news, columns, or articles to their social media channels from within the application.

Reader engagement techniques

We offer a number of reader engagement features for your readers to participate in the app, such as - like, comment, share, upload their own story, etc.

Offline view

To increase your app engagement levels we prepare your magazine and news app to function in an offline mode, making it easy for your readers to read and view content on the go without any dependency on the network condition.

Payment integration

We give your readers the option to connect their debit or credit card with the app and pay for magazine or news subscription.


We convert the news in the languages that your readers understand. No matter what tongue your readers speak, we get your content to them in words they are most comfortable in.

Social media sharing

With our social media integrations, it becomes easier for readers to share news or opinionated pieces that they find worth sharing in their network.

We help create your monetization strategy

Helping entrepreneurs devise their revenue model is also a prime element of our Newspaper and magazine app development services’ offerings.

Our team of mobile app strategists help you decide the best way to monetize your magazine and news app.

While subscription model is the one that is most preferred by the news and magazine brands, we give you a series of other monetization plans as well like sponsored content and in-app advertisements etc.

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