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The Name Behind Real Estate Mobile Applications That Boost Property Transaction Rates By 400%. We help Real Estate Industry Stakeholders Connect with a swipe and a click on their smartphones, and shop for dream properties from the comfort of their couch.

Making property buying and selling real-time

Our Real Estate Mobility Services give builders, brokers, and aggregators a platform where they can serve the end-users with 24/7/365 services without the need of attending to them.

Our team of innovative real estate mobile app developers specialize in the development of property apps that are powered by technologies that prepare it to meet the present and future demand of all your stakeholders in real time.


With us, you don’t just get a functional mobile app platform for all your
stakeholders. You get innumerable Appinventiv partnership advantages.
Qualified Leads

More smartphone users = more leads = more conversion opportunities = more revenue. Our targeted development approach brings you closer to warm leads.

Global Buyers Access

We help you connect clients and agents from any corner of the world. This connection with international clients widens your exposure while enriching your portfolio.

Maintain Large Inventory

We are the real estate mobile app development company that excels in the creation of portals which allows maintaining properties from multiple agents and brokers. We help your real estate marketplace contain and manage an inventory made of a variety of home sizes, costs, neighborhoods, and amenities.

Technology Infused Offering

We Add the best of next-gen technologies like AR/VR, Blockchain, IoT, and AI with Your Real Estate Mobile Application to Answer to Your Techy Stakeholders’ Needs.


We Are the Real Estate Mobile App Development Company That Connects All Your Stakeholders - Buyers, Sellers, and Real Estate Agents. No Matter What Your Stakeholders’ Requirements Are, We Have Them Covered.
Real Estate Buyers

Our real estate app development solutions revolving around your property buyers brings the whole property buying and selling process on their fingertips. We give them the ability to use location maps, AR/VR technology to take a property tour.

Real Estate Company or Sellers

We offer a different set of features in our mobile solution for real estate companies renting or selling their properties. We provide them a platform to view the license, background of the buyer, and their credit check.

Real Estate Aggregators

The steps we follow to develop real estate apps make the app easy to be integrated with your website. We offer a series of services for real estate aggregators like - property image/video display, property listing submission, and individual payment processing.


Our Real Estate Apps Help Buyers and Sellers Reimagine Home. Our Suite of Services Help Buyers Find a Place They Love and Agents Close the Deal Within Stipulated Time.
Real Estate Development

Our team of real estate app developers not just have an idea about the most conversion friendly real estate app design but also are skilled in giving innovative, path-breaking ideas which gives you competitive advantage. We design the app’s prototype and present you with the working models at the very initial stages. Following the wireframe approval, we code and test your app until it is flawless.

Mobile App Consultation

If you have a brilliant app idea and need expert opinion on its viability and profitability, we give you our team of real estate app developers to consult with. The team will assist you with knowing your app prospects and would offer concrete suggestions on how you can improve your app features.

Online Property Booking Solutions

For your hotel, bed & breakfast, resort, rental apartments, our team of real estate app makers offer efficient online property booking solutions. You can integrate rich media content to showcase your property to clients. Multiple payment channel integrations will be done in your app to enable cashless secure transactions.

Enterprise Solution

When we develop real estate apps, we offer enterprise solutions to real estate companies to not just prepare them to streamline their business process but also to give them a platform to collect and analyse the impact of their marketing efforts on the property buyers and partnered brokers.

Property Management Apps

Our in-house real estate mobile app builders are also skilled in developing apps that make the task of property management a lot easier. Through these apps, individual societies get a platform to handle all of their society management tasks in one place.

Lead Management Solutions

Specifically designed for brokers and real estate businesses, our lead management solution makes it very convenient for the stakeholders to capture, analyze, and segregate leads into different categories.

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