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Building user experiences that have the look and feel of a mobile app and the reach of the web.

Combine the best of web and
mobile apps

Our team of Progressive Web App Developers has helped over 15SMBs and
Establishments increase their user engagement by over 65X, and grow their
revenues by over 300% with our Progressive Web App development services.
What is a Progressive Web App?

It is the right blend of web’s reach and native app’s
look and feel. A Progressive Web App is the missing link that can take your business to the world in a way that the world wants to interact with your business.

A Reliable Environment - The technology helps
your app load instantly, and enables you to say
goodbye to the annoying dinosaur, when there is
no network connection.

In Real-Time - Gone are the days of Janky
Scrolling. PWA allows you to respond to user
interaction instantaneously with smooth

In an Immersive and Engaging Manner - Working
on a PWA is the same as working on a Native App.
The user experience is 100% immersive and natural.

Appinventiv’s progressive web
app development advantage

We take the power of Progressive Web App Technology and combine it with our
extensive expertise of Mobile and Web App development to deliver a solution
packed by features. What we offer is an amalgamation of several memorable
experiences and technical expertise.

The solutions that our team of Progressive Web App Developers offer are built around dynamic upgrade, making it easy for our clients to be present across browsers.


We incorporate Service Workers in a way that your PWAs run equally flawlessly in a no network condition as it would in a high network quality environment.


Regardless of the form factors, your PWA would offer seamless interactivity across all browsers and devices.


The interface that we use in PWA ensures a quick, engaging user experience which adjusts smoothly, without lags between smartphones and tablets.


Your PWAs are made in a way it is easy for search engines to discover them, work offline and get placed on the home screen. They are incorporated with push notifications to keep less-active users engaged.

Low Data Usage

Your PWAs are developed in a way that they take up a very small portion of the limited internet bandwidth that your users generally struggle with.

PWAs revolutionizing businesses
across industries. around the

We are not the only patrons of the PWA power, there are many businesses who witnessed a stark change in their revenue and engagement graphs after PWA inclusion.

Our suite of PWA design and
development services

Our team of Progressive Web App Builders leverage the potential of PWA Technology to offer services that make you stand out in the World of Millions
PWA From scratch

Our team of PWA Developers help you with the conceptualization, design, and development of
Progressive Web Apps using all the latest technologies like HTTPS, Lighthouse, App Shell, etc.

Migration to PWA

Our team helps startups and establishments having Websites and Native Mobile Apps in migrating their presence to PWA and expand their user baser to billions across the world.

Securing the ecosystem

Our progressive Web App Developers make your app secure by using the HTTPS facility for
preventing any unauthorized access. Our PWA specialists boost security further with data
encryption, powerful architecture, and multiple security layers.

Search-Engine friendly solution

We are a leading PWA development company which builds apps that can easily be accessed and
indexed by Google SERP, ranking high for heightened visibility and facilitating greater chances of

We understand how it's a walk on shells when you are present on too many platforms with the
same app. We have been able to maintain our position as the esteemed React Native App
Development Company because of our Team of Quality Analysts who don't just ensure that your
app is prepared for both iOS and Android store, but also make sure it is up to date according to
the needs of the mobile users, irrespective of the platform.

What can Appinventiv’s
progressive web app builders
do for you?

Make your brand
visible to the world
Solve the problem
of app installation
Increase the app
loyalty count

Our team is skilled to engineer an
engaging PWA solution

App Shell

The application shell is a user interface which reliably and instantly loads on the users'
screens like what we see on Mobile applications.

Service Worker

A service worker is a script which is run by the browser in the background for syncing the
application and push notifications with the server in real-time.

Web-App Manifest

The JSON based manifest file helps in the configuration of the application's look and feel
on the mobile device and the home screen icon.

We worked on UAE's top classified ad platform in 2016 to find buyers & sellers
We are trusted by brands you believe in
Recognized by the best

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