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Mobilizing food order and delivery industry by bringing thousands of restaurants and millions of diners on one platform.

Appinventiv is the best in the restaurant app development business. We understand user psychology, the latest tools & technologies, have flexible hiring models and competitive rates, and provide great client service through the project span.

We are here for all your stakeholders - whether they are one or four. We redefine the dining experience of millions across the globe by bringing the simplicity of ordering online and comfortable delivery on their doorsteps. We become a reliable restaurant app development company by offering the best of Dine-In and Online Delivery.

Our team of 400+ restaurant app developers have produced apps that are trending on play stores and making money for the makers non-stop. With Appinventiv as a partner, your brand and ROI will know no bounds. We reach for the stars and make the impossible not only possible but also profitable.

We use all the ingredients that make your application an AOTD,everyday.

Appinventiv introduces features which come together to make app development for restaurants strategic.
Send location-based deals

Using GPRS feature integrated in your app, you can send location-based deals to people who have downloaded your app. So, whenever a customer is in the vicinity of your outlet or one of its branches, they’ll get messages that your outlet is nearby and they should visit. They will even get driving instructions and reservation options, right from their app.

Share reviews via social media

Let your customers review your restaurant’s service and food options and share their reviews via social media feature that we will integrate in your app. A powerful marketing strategy, it’s way better than self-promotion and will hike your sales astronomically.

Promote loyalty programs

Send privileged offers to loyal customers who use your app on a regular basis. Promotion codes, special deals, and advance notification about upcoming events in your restaurant will make customers feel special. In no time, they’ll be recommending your mobile application to family and friends.

Maintain customer database

Our apps have integrated tracking feature that keeps track of people who viewed, visited and downloaded your app. We gather their contact details and maintain a comprehensive database that can be used to carry out targeted marketing campaigns.

Easy menu display

Have a pleasing layout of your great food options. Complete with images and interactive features. Users will also have the option to mark their favorites and do advanced filter by price, cuisine and taste preferences.

Quick reservations

Let your customers book a table from your mobile application. An automatic real-time updating in records will not just optimize your restaurant app performance but will also allow reduction of wait time, especially during the busy holiday season.

Maintain event listing

Maintain a calendar of restaurant events such as food festivals, cuisine days, jamming nights, DJ events, and so on by including this special feature in your app. Thereafter, our app will send timely notifications to customers who have your app so that you have a full house on those special occasions.

Send timely push notifications

One of the most important features of a smart restaurant mobile application is sending out automated push notifications about special deals, redeeming loyalty points, and events in your outlet. These have been found to be much more effective than mail notifications or hard flyers, and certainly cheaper.

Our integrations choice makes us a trusted restaurant app development company.

Here are the integrations our restaurant mobile app developers blend in to make your restaurant app interactive, engaging, and scalable.
Attention-grabbing push messages

We dive into your business model, market challenges and product positioning, and help you create a product that delivers unique value.

Multiple platform compatible apps

Our apps are multi-platform and are compatible with different screen sizes, making them attractive for Android and Apple users. We host them free of charge to play stores so that they can reach maximum users.

Embeddable media content for visual delight

We facilitate embedding high-resolution images, videos, animations, and other media content into your app, easily. You can add your restaurant pictures, nearby landmarks for easy navigation, food menu pictures, and images of special events in your restaurant to entice visitors. These make your app visually rich and delightful for users.

Referral feature for boosting loyalty

We allow users to send referral links to their friends and family for downloading and installing the app and earning bonus points that can be redeemed as per their convenience. You’ll not only earn loyal customers but also more revenue by app download subscriptions.

Referral code system to keep customers engaged

Send personalized offers with locked-in coupon codes to loyal customers or new visitors to keep them engaged and boost your sales. We let your app’s regular users sign into a loyalty program via which they get privileged offers before time.

Varied payment options, for an easy and secure dining experience

Our apps allow for cashless dining experience by providing numerous payment options- e-wallets, online transfers, card payments, or coupon redemption. Our aim is to make user experience as smooth and easy as possible to encourage repeated users.

Location integration for better takeaway and delivery

Our apps have GPS integration that lets the app pinpoint users’ locations automatically and accurately. Then detailed instructions can be left regarding preferred delivery options and payment methods. Tailor-made and customizable for all.

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