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Flutter’s Cross Platform app
development : Build fast.
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Ideal for POC and rapidly launching an MVP in the market, Flutter app
development services are all the rage in the new millennial era.

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework created by Google which uses DART as its primary language. Complete with widgets, tools, and a proper framework, Google’s mobile app SDK provides Flutter app developers with an opportunity to easily build and deploy visually attractive, fast mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

Known to deliver beautiful experiences with a single code base, Google recently launched a preview version for the web that took Flutter App Development Companies by a storm. The possibilities with this Cross Platform app development technology are endless and our early

adoption for this new Google’s tech has given us a lead in the industry.

We are a Full-Cycle Flutter app development company and have leveraged this technology since its inception to deploy mobile apps efficiently. Flutter is programmed on Dart. It is a fast, object-
oriented language that uses Ahead-of-time compilation techniques and has an easy learning curve.

Flutter’s UI toolkit has pre-built rich widgets which make the overall look and feel of an app delightful along with giving a native experience. You can also customize designs to provide tailor-made solutions to your end customers.

Flutter Application Development
opens endless possibilities for
new age app entrepreneurs

Mobile app development using Flutter renders the advantage of speeding up the
app development process. It easily allows us to build and scale beautiful
interfaces in lesser time when compared to Native apps.

Gone are the days when modern developers struggled with screen sizes and aspect ratios. Now, Flutter app developers deploy codes across various devices and platforms, all in record time with the help of Hot Reload which reduces the overall development timeline by 20%.

Flutter is basically a big blank canvas. A blank screen that comes to life with our programming, designs, animations, and interactions. Working on flutter is fun to begin with, all changes are easily facilitated, and the result is a cutting edge app.

Ever since Flutter entered the market, it has become almost impossible to find a difference between a Native app and one developed using Flutter SDK. The smoothness, slickness, and mere nativeness that Flutter app Development Services provide makes it an ideal choice.

Expedite development speed

By enabling us to define both look and functionality of your app using Dart alone, Flutter keeps XML out of the picture, making the process faster.

Hot reload

As the name suggests, Hot Reload solves a lot of problems in one go. Flutter instantly shows the result of your code changes on the app screen. It helps in adding features, fixing bugs and experimenting faster.

Population of widget

Flutter’s framework is made of widgets which in turn are made of widgets, making your app extensible and customisable.

Material design and cupertino

Flutter gives a new meaning to Cross Platform Native apps with widget library made of both Material Design (Google) and Cupertino ( Apple).

Reactive framework

Flutter makes updating content to your UI manually, a thing of the past. Update variables in your state and UI will reflect all the changes automatically.

Dart benefits

The growing Dart libraries make Flutter application development a matter of few code lines.

One framework, numerous benefits

How to build an app with Flutter has been a significant question that surfaces most of the time. Flutter doesn’t deploy apps the Android or iOS way, instead, it makes an app appear like it was developed in a native manner, while actually building it your way.

With few lines of code, putting things together piece by piece and widget by widget you can customise an app according to your liking. It doesn’t really end here. Besides building beautiful interfaces, it builds functionality on top of the widgets.

One codebase

A single Codebase runs it all. Flutter facilitates easy debugging and updating, all at one place. Flutter App builders can practically reuse 100 percent of the code for iOS and Android which in turn expedites the development process.

Flexible UI

The widgets on Flutter are rich, adaptable and it makes the UI flexible. The simple, adaptive layout system makes apps look good on every single screen. Upon iterating, the UI changes in front of your eyes in a fraction of a second.

Access to original source code

In iOS, source code has always been a mysterious black box. But with Flutter, you can easily understand why something behaves or looks a particular way. Customization has turned seemingly easy.


Building Android and iOS mobile app using Flutter has turned easy. Now, narrowing down on end designs after due experimentation and reviewing doesn’t take a considerable amount of time.

Faster code writing

Flutter leads to dynamic mobile app development. Hot Reload facilitates developer-designer cooperation. Any improvements or experiments with the look and feel of an app can be done on the spot.

Less testing

Flutter means less code, and less code implies fewer bugs. Due to one codebase, developers write automatic tests only once and the quality assurance process speeds up.

Ideal for MVP

Flutter is perfect when you have little time and need to rapidly develop an MVP, and market it to potential investors.

Flutter is fast becoming the prime
choice for cross-platform app

Flutter was designed to bridge the gap and deliver delightful experiences. It makes that
possible by focusing on native performance, complex visuals, and productivity.

The features, ease, and power of customization that flutter application development has bought, have found it a constantly
growing fan base. The SDK’s native end user experience, expressiveness, flexible UI, and lightning fast load speed of 60 FPS has left the industry in awe.

The React Native Brand Evangelists - both Developers & Businesses - are now making a gradual shift towards Flutter.

Flutter application development
offers tailored services for

Instant or Progressive Web Apps

Apps that need uncommon native libraries

Applications communicating to hardware via Bluetooth.

Infact, super extensive apps are designed with ease using Flutter.

Google dart team
backs our flutter application
development journey

Appinventiv is a part of the prestigious Google Developer Agency Program.

Our team has been trained by Google Agency Program for Dart. It enables us to develop apps on Flutter using Dart which is highly expressive, gives
Native performance, and loads at the speed of 60 FPS.

Most Popular Programming Languages
Most Popular Programming Languages
Most Popular Programming Languages
Most Popular Programming Languages

We power up your flutter Apps aesthetically with material theming

We combine two of the most powerful Google products to create apps that are stunning and sensible.

We understand the importance of having a visually unique brand image that is an extension of your business, something which is normally considered difficult when the whole app development industry is working on the same Material Design guidelines and components. But a look into our Flutter apps will show you how we instill uniqueness in apps, effortlessly.

Every iOS, Android and web app that we create using Flutter is a spitting image of the brand that it represents. We ensure that all the Material Design components we use in our apps are highly customizable for our clients to play around and choose from.

What results from this combination of feature rich Flutter SDK and the aesthetically rich Material Design component is an app that is powered by an expressive, flexible UI.

What helps us establish ourselves
as an innovative Flutter App
development company

Our flutter application development team

We have an in-house team of 30+ Dart programmers, Material Theming experts, and
proficient Cross Platform Testing and QA Analysts. We are one of the early adopters of
Flutter in the App Development industry. Flutter has been an ideal choice for startups
and businesses alike and over the years we have efficiently launched applications that
are expressive and delightful.

Our experience of working on flutter

Ever since Flutter Beta was launched at Mobile World Congress 2018, we have leveraged
this technology and deployed cutting edge apps across iOS and Android play stores.
With Flutter, we have tapped on Retail, Social Media and Entertainment Industry and
delivered apps that are visually attractive and powered by 60fps.

Let’s share what we know about
flutter application development

Flutter is bound to transform the cross platform app development industry with its
capabilities to emboss customization and expedite the app development process. Dive into the world of flutter by reading about flutter app development cost etc., and join the transformation.

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