6 Points to be Considered by Startups While Mobile App
By Shivam Srivastav
August 22, 2016 5 min read
Last update on: May 30, 2018

Every startup faces their set of challenges but in the case of developing mobile apps, the set could be a little more intense in nature. After doing some initial brainstorming, a lot of brand new entrepreneurs often feel that they have overcome the DDD problem i.e. Design-Development-Deployment. But, forget that the pitfalls in the initial planning cause major challenges in the later stages. So if you are planning your own startup then you need to know what major challenges you are going to face in the process of becoming a successful one.

#1. How to stand out from the rest?

It is not a hidden fact that after the invention of WhatsApp many have tried their hand in the mobile app development business. Every day some 1000+ apps are being added on Google play store. So it is a clear indication that you are trying to set your foot in an overcrowded market.

So standing out from the rest will be your only solution which you can achieve if you pay little extra attention to the following aspects while planning your app:

  • Is your app really solving user’s problem?
  • How effective your app is in solving the problem?
  • Interact with your Target Group in the language they understand the best.

#2. Need of the hour: Investor

It is not a rocket science concept to understand why we need a constant inflow of cash to sustain in the market. Before getting into the competition you need to understand that developing an App is a costlier process which depends on app structure and size. So before approaching investors, we would suggest you get the help from your personal social circle. Otherwise, AppBackr and Kickstarter are the best funding platforms for you.

#3. Why is it important to attain Responsive Design?

Today we have a wide range of devices available in the market. So it is very important to adapt responsive design since the beginning which can perfectly fit in different sizes and user do not face the issues related to resolution.

Device compatibility is another limitation. One need to be vigilant while focusing on design and keep different OS platforms in mind like the limitation of iOS and Android.

#4. Simplify the User Experience of your app

Simple functionality which is easy to understand results in good user experience. Simple App navigation with unique user experience is one of the major challenges app developers face these days. For the development of better UI, one should strictly follow UI guidelines.

#5. Right Marketing is your key to success

As we said earlier, you are trying to get into the already overcrowded market so right marketing is a prerequisite. If you feel you don’t have the expertise and not so confident on your marketing skills then it will be better to consult professionals who are expert in the same.

In such big market of apps, one can easily get lost without a right marketing plan. Someone rightly said, your product still can survive if it has been marketed right even if it is not the best.

#6. App Performance & Battery Life

No one would like to download your app if it crashes a lot. Similarly, if your app is crashing the battery life then again it will be a major blunder at development end which could lead to a minimum number of downloads.

Developing a bug-free app which uses minimum battery could be a herculean task. So one need to be innovative while overcoming these challenges in an immensely competitive market. Excessive use of images and improper performance in all version of OS could lead to major performance issues.

The above mentioned 6 points are not exhaustive but important when it comes to mobile app development.

Shivam Srivastav
Shivam Srivastav
Marcom Manager
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