Mutelcor - Bringing Remote Patient
Monitoring At Doctor’s Fingertips

By Appinventiv
Wednesday, June 5, 2019 14:35 PM | 13 min read

A Bariatric patient engagement platform that ensures
every patient receives remote monitoring care plan
based on disease-specific & surgery specific follow up protocol

Moreover, it lets the patients upload their vitals and severity levels, report symptoms, and consult with doctors via chat/video.


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Understanding The Project

Bariatric Surgery is considered one of the most complex surgeries of the present time not just because of the operative process but also because of the extensive follow-ups, which lasts for 5-6 years sometimes and the accompanying diet and exercise plans.

Because of the long duration, 60% of the patients stop going to the doctors after a certain time, which can lead to complexities after.

To solve the issue of long term patient engagement, Mutelcor was developed. The app gives a platform to patients and doctors where they can interact through video call or message and share case progress or measures that need to be taken, in one place.

We were seeking a platform that would make it easy and very less stressful for both the patients and their doctors to remain in contact even when the postoperative sessions would last for years on end. The idea was to bring the patients medical record to a platform where it would be kept uploaded to be monitored, till forever.

Mr. Alok Gauba
CEO, Mutelcor

Tackling The Complexities

Mutelcor project came with its own set of challenges surrounding conceptualizing and app development. Challenges that we sorted with ease.

Judging Who Needs Immediate Attention

We placed a Categorization System on the website for the Doctors to categorize their patients according to the severity of their conditions.

Sending Personalized Follow-up Notifications

Every patient called for a different follow-up schedule, which made it impossible for the doctors to set a common schedule. We gave them a platform to feed in case wise follow-up instructions which were then sent to the patients.

Saving Patients’ Medical Record Filing Time

We added the option for the patients to scan their medical data on the app, to save the time it would take to fill the information manually on the app.


We Started the Mutelcor's app development process
by first creating a wireframe and then measuring that
up to the HL7 and HIPAA standards.

After changing the designs and processes, we finally came on to one set wireframe, which we based the app on.
Next, we segregated the app into various different modules that were then each converted and tackled as a sprint.
All the while, keeping the developers, designers, testers, and the client in a closed loop.

  • 12 Hb PULSE
    7 May 2017 15:34
  • 12 PP Blood Sugar
    7 May 2017 15:34
  • 12 Hb HB
    7 May 2017 15:34
  • 12 Hb Hba1c
    7 May 2017 15:34

Our Wireframing and prototyping process was based on the aim to give the patients’ maximum value in fewer steps.


The Mutelcor design principle was set to offer a quick in and out experience to the patients and a clear view repository to the doctors.

SF Pro Font Family
San Francisco has a healthy set of options, optimized for display on screens
The implementation of San Francisco across the various platforms makes it easier for developers to choose monospaced, or proportionally-spaced numerals.
We suggested using cold colors for the background of the app’s design. These tones establish an overall sense of tranquillity that is necessary to help users concentrate on the more important features of this app.

Mobile app for patients

The reason why we suggested developing a mobile app for the patients, instead of a website like in case of doctors, was because the patients had to fill in data specific to their physical activity and nutrition intake on the go. Besides this, having a mobile app made more sense for Mutelcor’s wearable integration feature.

Desktop app for doctors

Since the doctor’s work revolve around a huge repository of medical data to peruse everyday, a website made viewing and saving the data a lot easier. Also, because the doctors have a desk job, a website was a more strategic choice.
App Development

Transformation of a Valued Idea into a Useful Product

We developed the Mutelcor app for iOS, Android, and Web, keeping the individual platform's requirement in consideration. Following the agile methodology, we were able to handle multiple part of the apps at the same time, thus ensuring utmost quality at a faster delivery speed. We kept the client in loop at every stage, giving them a working example of the app every time we crossed a milestone.

The complexity of the solution needed a combination of robust frameworks, languages, and tools, which would make the solution real-time and scalable.

the outcome

The Result of Our Design and Developmental Efforts

We came to Appinventiv with an idea of making patient engagement easier for Bariatric Surgeons, after an year, we have an app that also monitors Electronic Medical Record, tracks the nutrition & activity level, and have the facility of e-prescription, monitoring body vitals and conditions data.

Niels Koot
CTO, Mutelcor
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